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Geoffrey is a business futurist with a design background who wants companies to prepare for succeeding in the future by operating as transformational organizations in the present. This encompasses social and cultural signals more than simply technology upgrades.

Geoffrey has given provocative keynotes at Society of Industrial Organizational Psychologists (SIOP) Annual Conference, Advertising Week 2016, Digital Summit, Pubcon, Internet Summit, MedDev Summit, UnConference and CMO Summit.

Booking him for a keynote will leave your audiences questioning and doubting many of their innate biases and beliefs on what marketing means for society at large in a world seeking less materialistic and consumerist activities and more creative and collective experiences.

Geoffrey also produces and conducts hands on workshops. Contact him on how he can build out a personalized session no matter the shape or size of your company.

Geoffrey has participated in hundreds of panels at conferences worldwide. He adds value by usually being the alternative opinion on what many take as the acceptable position on a subject matter.

Geoffrey has also taught online and in person classes for Mediabistro, General Assembly, The Blake Project and is an advisory board member for Visual Storytelling Institute and Brand Innovators. He can put together small or large team hands-on-learning sessions that bring results and inspiration in the emerging fields of content creation and production, social media marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, podcasting production and future business trends.

Geoffrey video livestreams using the Padcaster, Rode bullet mic and Live:Air software on iOS.

Geoffrey video livestreams using the Padcaster, Rode bullet mic and Live:Air software on iOS.

Custom Disruptive Marketer Tutorial Videos | Podcasts | Video Blogs

Geoffrey does a weekly video blog called The Disruptive Marketer. The goal of these blogs are to not look overproduced or overbranded. Such content in this era is not trustworthy. He can help your team produce such content whether it is edited or live.


Geoffrey is at the cutting-edge of a new weekly live video show every Friday broadcasting from his Facebook page from the offices of Microsoft. He's hacked Skype into Facebook Live to allow remote phone calls to the show. Reaching an engaging weekly audience, the show is a place for Geoffrey to share what communications are trending.

One of the most eccentric business podcasts on iTunes, Geoffrey hosts Disruptive FM with his longtime business colleague Cheryl Metzger and can produce audio content to create an audio program tailored to the interests of your organization or audience.