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"…This book will turn your world upside down…If you know anything about marketing or like me are a truly passionate advocate of the subject, it will blow your mind." --PCB007
"In the 21st century, the best marketing comes from what Geoffrey Colon calls “creative hybrids,” marketers with training in design, video production, psychology and statistics. Creative direction is driven by customer experience and social media research, he says. Colon brings a fresh view to marketing in this provocative and useful book." - Success Magazine
"This is what most modern marketers need to be reading because a lot of people are getting it wrong. I personally felt you were reading my mind when I read this book." - Mike Street, #SmartBrownVoices podcast
"Breakout growth isn't about luck, it's about mindset. In Disruptive Marketing, Colon gives you the tools you need to shift your mindset, realign your team, learn the new rules of marketing, and start finding big wins." - Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown, GrowthHackers.com
"What if we are looking at marketing the wrong way? What if there is a better way to build a business? What if you unleashed your curiosity and your creative ability to create something more...something better...something truly innovative? If those questions interest you, then this book was built for you." - Joe Pulizzi, founder, Content Marketing Institute and author of Content Inc.
"A brilliant, creative stream of consciousness grounded in the logical structure of a well-researched business book. A startling but thoroughly inspiring combination. A worthy addition to the library of marketing." - Judy Shapiro, CEO of engageSimply, and marketing and social media commentator at Ad Age, Social Media Today, and The Huffington Post
"Disruptive Marketing cogently argues that disruption is happening all around us, all the time, and that the industry is being reinvented by consumer-driven marketing. For individual practitioners to disrupt, they need to ask, 'what if...?' every day in order to retain relevance amid constant, rapid change." - Whitney Johnson, Thinkers50, world's most influential management thinkers, and author of Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work
"Geoffrey is the marketer of the 21st Century. His far-flung experiences from DJing to Ogilvy to Microsoft bring a fresh perspective to how things are usually done. Entrepreneurs and marketers alike should read this book!" - Liz Klinger, co-founder and CEO of Lioness
"Disruptive Marketing transports you from marketing-as-usual into a world of hackers and subversives, where nothing is predictable but anything is possible. Geoffrey Colon delivers insights and new-school strategies that will enable you to be the disruptor and not the disrupted." - Tim Sanders, former chief strategy officer at Yahoo, and author of Dealstroming: The Secret Weapon That Can Solve You Greatest Sales Challenges and the New York Times bestseller Love Is the Killer App
"A true gem of a book! In just a little over a couple of hundred pages Colon changes your perspective on marketing as you’ve known it. He is predicting the future that is either here today or right on our doorstep ready to come in tomorrow." - Dan Beaulieu, PCB007

"Here's the future of marketing. Brace yourself." - Douglas Burdett, Marketing Book Podcast

"Disruptive Marketing is an incisive look at today's complete overhaul of traditional marketing and its effects on both producers and consumers. Colon has expertly analyzed the importance of breaking away from yesterday's linear and stuffy approaches and opened up new possibilities in the digital market. It's an essential read for anyone looking to make a splash with the next big thing." - Francesco Baschieri, CEO and founder of Spreaker
"At last there's a brilliant book I can send to clients who refuse to believe that to stay relevant they need to shatter per-conceived ideas, open their eyes, and dare themselves a little. Hold onto your hats, marketers, because this book's going to take you on the ride of your life. Through entertaining storytelling and irrefutable evidence, Geoffrey Colon has distilled what every one of us needs to know about how to succeed in this digital world. With our world's only constant being change, this book should be on every marketer's desk if they want to understand what it takes to be nimble and survive." - Mel Carson, coauthor of Pioneers of Digital and author of Introduction to Personal Branding: 10 Steps Toward a New Professional You
Grounded in fact, amplified by inspiration, and supported by compelling stories drawn from real experiences, Disruptive Marketing is worthwhile reading from beginning to end." - Jamie Gutfreund, global chief marketing officer, Wunderman
"Seasoned marketers are now facing more challenges than ever, as their decades of experience can sometimes be disadvantageous. This book illustrates an era where creative professionals are eschewing traditional corporate hierarchies, marketing responsibilities are being distributed widely across organizations, and consumers are exposed to brands through each other instead of through established publishers. Geoffrey Colon offers some telling examples of how pioneers are navigating this, along with a telling road-map for many more of the changes coming in the years ahead." - David Berkowitz, chief marketing officer of MRY
"Disruptive Marketing will make you realize that your marketing comfort zone will quickly become uncomfortable unless you are prepared to embrace the rapid changes that Colon so eloquently documents. This excellent book is probably best summed up by the title of its final chapter: Learn, Unlearn, Relearn." - Diane Young, co-founder of TheDrum.com
"In Disruptive Marketing, Geoffrey Colon makes a case for reducing the complexity, bureaucracy, and single-minded leadership that create barriers to finding and swiftly implementing creative solutions to the challenges facing modern marketers. In the current landscape, missing the forest through the trees is no longer an option. An inability to see or unwillingness to embrace the need for change signals the beginning of the end for a marketer. Colon lays out the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but: our industry is being disrupted, and anyone who refused to adapt will be left behind." - Melanie Deziel, @mdeziel, award-winning branded content strategist
"An intelligent and fun read that gets at the heart of the major problems we currently face in marketing, and how to fix them. This book belongs on your desk, and your boss's desk." - Matthew Sweezey, principal of marketing insights at Salesforce
"Colon offers a bold and much needed perspective to challenge the status quo that ideas can only come from traditional process and creative-led teams. Today's ideas come from early collaboration with diverse thinkers ready to take a journey that may start off uncomfortably but ends in the most magical way. As Colon points out, the people at the table may be far from 'the expected'-and that's a good thing. (And his idea about writing the press release for the product before you create it is brilliant.)" - Lindsey Slaby, founder, Sunday Dinner Agency
"Disruptive Marketing isn't so much a business book as a marketing manifesto. Its core message is that marketing isn't a set of core principles or effective practices or even a department in your organization - it's a way of thinking. And disruptive marketing borrows from genius and inspiration from every industry and walk of life, imbuing everything you do and even how your existing and target customers interact with your brand. Geoffrey Colon's goal is to free us from our assumptions and one-size-fits-all thinking. He shows us that we need to focus on, and capture, what really matters: time, attention, and conversation. Disruptive Marketing manages to be wide-ranging, creative, ambitious, visionary, shrewd, and practical all at once - just the same qualities that, according to Colon, our marketing strategies should have." - Holly Epstein Ojalvo, founder and editor of the digital news site Kicker (gokicker.com)
"Colon's exceptional career in marketing has provided him with a unique perspective and the ability to think futuristically when it comes to marketing and innovation. His book is a must read for those looking to stay ahead of the curve and the competition, especially young people launching their careers. Balancing concepts with concrete resources and tools, the book will leave you excited and prepared to launch and execute new creative marketing ideas." - Emily Miethner, CEO and founder, FindSpark.com
"Colon successfully lays out the three intangible skills - empathy, design, and emotional intelligence - that are pivotal to disruptive marketing and thinking. These key qualities will help millennial marketers build the foundations to their careers and empower industry veterans to rethink their approaches to delighting customers. Marketers of all ages will tremendously benefit from taking a deep dive into Disruptive Marketing." - Tai Tran, Forbes 30 Under 30, 2016 and LinkedIn Top Voice, 2015
"Colon eloquently explains through his own experience how 'producerism' is not a buzzword anymore. The art of customer co-creation is very much real! Today's audiences are not satisfied with just consuming content in a stand-alone mode. Many want to be a part of the product's journey and, in a lot of cases, be an active voice in shaping it. With increasing activity over social media, there is more to come and Geoffrey correctly surmises the most innovative companies of the future will have producerism in their DNA!" - Rohan Khra, co-founder and COO of Jabbercast
"Colon's chapter on podcasting intertwined with his theory that anyone can be a creator/producer is key to understanding how marketing is changing. Writing not merely about brand messaging but content creations produced by many, Colon uses personal and professional experiences to drive home to the reader that marketers aren't doing your marketing; rather, everyone who loves your product is doing your marketing." - Parviz Parvizi, co-founder of Clammr